Gummers How

This short but steep walk is a family favourite, with big rewards at the top of it. Here’s how to tackle Gummers How.

At a Glance

  • Walk: Gummers How
  • Length: 1.5 miles/2.4 km
  • Time taken: We took 1 hour, with playing time at the top.
  • Elevation: 180 metres
  • Parking: Gummers How Forestry England Car Park
  • Age suitable for: Toddlers (will need some carrying!). young children, tweens, teens.

Where is Gummers How?

Gummers How is a Lake District fell that is located in the south of the area. It sits on the south east side of Lake Windermere, and is most easily accessed from Newby Bridge.

Gummers How Car Park

Gummers How Car Park is run by Forestry England and is free to park. From the roundabout at Newby Bridge, take the A592 towards Fell Foot. Opposite Fell Foot, take the road off to the right and follow it up the hill. You will see the Gummers How car park on your right.

Gummers How: The Route

1. At the top of the car park there is a walkway into a path through the trees. Follow this, until it reaches the road.

2. Cross over the road, and pass through the gate where a faded sign points towards Gummers How.

3. Look out for cows! On our walk they had gathered on the path, but they were pretty docile when we walked through them. I would definitely advise walking off the path if you have a dog though!

4. Follow the path as it weaves through the field. The path is quite stony and uneven in parts so I definitely recommend sturdy footwear for this walk.

5. The path starts to climb in a series of stony steps. Keep following the obvious path as it continues up the hill.

6. As the path continues to climb you will start to see the views open up and show the first glimpse of the Lake District fells in the distance (and more cows!).

7. As you get closer to the top of Gummers How, the stone steps continue up in a really steep section of the walk. Keep following them up, with the fence on your right hand side.

8. When you’re stopping for a breather (or maybe that’s just me?!) make sure you turn and have a look at the view. From this part you can see the south end of Lake Windermere, including Lakeside, and Fell Foot. You can also spot the River Leven leading out of the south end of the lake.

9. You will come to a point where the fence on your right ends, and the steps turn into a steep, rocky face in front of you. Here you have a choice; you can walk/climb up the rock face in front of you like some of us did……

or you can take the path to your right. This leads you around the rocky last part of the fell, right to the top. Both of these are fairly short options.

10. Once you’re at the top, enjoy! You’ll find the trig point and be able to tick off Gummers How as a Lake District fell completed.

At the summit of Gummers How

Enjoy the views right across the southern lakes. Or, if you go on a day as windy as we did, you could take shelter by huddling down next to the rocks while you celebrate your walk!

11. From the top, you can see most of Lake Windermere, and the view of the north end of the lake can be seen for the first time. From here you can see just how huge the lake really is.

12. One of the reasons we love this walk is that the landscape naturally provides a playground for children. At the top, just a little way from the trig, you’ll find these trees that have been permanently shaped by the wind. They are perfect for climbing and making up games, even when the weather isn’t perfect (is there such a thing as perfect Lake District weather?!).

13. The descent. We decided to walk down the path from the top of the fell, and I would recommend this route. It is very straightforward, and you simply retrace the steps you made walking up the fell.

14. The mixture of path and steps keeps in interesting on the way back down.

15. Finally, you’ll make it back to the road, where you can cross back over to the path through the trees to the car park. You’ve done it!

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