Levens Deer Park

The walk around Levens Deer Park is so straightforward, and we love it for the wildlife, the easy parking and the bakery at the end! This is one for all the family, at any time of year.

Where is Levens Deer Park?

Levens Deer Park is part of the Levens Hall estate, based close to Kendal in the southern Lake District. Levens Hall dates back all the way to 1300, and is absolutely worth a visit.

The Deer Park was landscaped 300 years ago, and is home to a herd of black fallow deer, and a herd of Bagot goats.

IMPORTANT! Because of all the amazing wildlife, Levens Hall ask that walkers stick to the paths, and all dogs be kept on leads.

Parking at Levens Deer Park

Parking for the Deer Park is at Levens Hall. Go through the entrance gates (pictured below) and follow the drive round until you reach the car park. Parking is free for people spending time on the Levens Hall estate.

Levens Deer Park Walk

1. From the car park you’ll need to walk back out towards the main road along the path that runs next to the drive. (There are toilets at Levens Hall if you need to visit them before you set off!)

Back at the entrance to Levens Hall, you will come to the main road and you will see the two entrances to Levens Deer Park across the road. This guide will start at the entrance on the right hand side of the bridge, although it is easy to do the walk in the opposite direction.

2. Cross the road and go through the gate on the right hand side of the bridge. You will go down some steps and you will see a path to follow through the deer park.

The sign at the entrance shows the route, we are going to follow the footpath up the right hand side of the River Kent, then use the roads shown in white to join the path on the left to complete the loop.

3. Continue along this path. You can quite often see the Bagot goats over to the right here; on the day we visited they were all huddled together looking very camera shy! I will aim for goat photos on my next trip.

4. The path will continue and the view will open up to the River Kent on your left. We got our first sighting of deer here on this visit, they are so quiet so you really need to keep your eyes peeled for them.

5. The path continues through the deer park. It is well marked, and mainly flat. Look out here for different bird species, and the impressive trees lining the walk. Along the flat straight section there is a hollow tree that my children love to climb inside!

6. At the end of the long straight stretch, you will see a few houses amongst the trees on the right hand side. This marks the end of the footpath on this side, and the footpath brings you to a gate to join the next section of the walk.

If you’re in need of a snack break, this is a great time to stop. On the left before the gate, you will see a rock shaped perfectly as a bench. We love to stop and refuel here watching the river flow by, but go carefully as it’s a steep drop off at the end of the field to the riverbank below!

7. Once you’re through the gate/over the stile you will join a road. Head left on the road, it will take you over a dual carriageway. The road itself is fairly quiet, but obviously observe the Countryside Code and walk on the right hand side so you can see oncoming traffic.

7. Continue to follow this road (this is the exact bit where my children start to flag, then they pick up a bit on the next section) until it joins another road. Turn left here onto the road bridge with railings. The river underneath can look pretty wild here, it’s worth stopping and watching for a minute.

8. After the bridge, turn left again onto a single lane road. Head down here, it’s very quiet but does get the occasional car going to the houses that are halfway down. Follow this road until you come to an obvious underpass.

9. Use the underpass path to go right underneath the dual carriageway. This bit is very exciting for children!

10. The underpass will bring you out on another very quiet road. Head left along here, and follow the road until you get to a gate/stile on your left, with a signpost for ‘Public Footpath Levens’.

11. Go over the stile/through the gate and follow the well worn natural path through the field the leads to a stone stepped stile in the wall.

12. Follow the natural path through this second field. This path takes you along the wall on your left hand side, all the way up to another stone stepped stile.

13. Go over the stone stepped stile and through the gate at the top of it. This takes you back into Levens Deer Park, ready for the return footpath on the other side of the River Kent.

14. Follow the footpath through the deer park all the way back to the gate at the road. This side is a bit more undulating but it ends with a welcome long downhill right back to the gate.

Just before you get back to the gate there is access to the river with a lovely little pebble beach area. This is another lovely spot to stop for a snack and a rest.

Remember to keep a look out for the black fallow deer, we have spotted them on both sides of the river and they are quite spectacular when you see them in their herd.

15. On your return to the car park at Levens Hall, I can highly recommend stopping in at Levens Bakery for a baked treat. The cinnamon buns are huge and well deserved, after that walk!

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