Grange over Sands Promenade

The promenade at Grange over Sands is always popular with families, and with good reason. Here’s why we love it.

Where is Grange over Sands Promenade?

Grange over Sands is a small town on the south west fringe of the Lake District. Much of it was built in the Victorian era, and the buildings are a reminder of that. The town itself is lovely, with plenty of cafes and independent shops dotted throughout.

The promenade at Grange over Sands runs almost the full length of the town and is completely flat once you’re on it. The views from the promenade reach right across Morecambe Bay to Arnside and Morecambe.

Parking for Grange over Sands Promenade

There are a few options for parking if you’re heading to Grange Promenade.

  • Pay and Display at Grange Railway Station – there is also an underpass here to access the promenade.
  • Pay and Display at Main Street Car Park – also with access to the promenade.
  • Berners Car Park – this is £1.20 all day at the time of writing. Access to the promenade from here is over the nearby Footbridge at Clare House lane.
  • Free parking by Grange Ornamental Gardens, just as you drive past the railway station, after the mini roundabout. Nearest access to the promenade is at the railway station.

Things to Enjoy on the Promenade

There are plenty of things to do all the way along the promenade to keep everyone happy, whatever age. We have been visiting since our children were very young, and we’ve never been bored!

Even now when we’re not sure what to do on a weekend day, Grange Promenade will still be suggested. Here’s everything we enjoy:

1.The Promenade Play Park

Recently renovated, this play park has one of the finest views across Morecambe Bay. Which is generally completely wasted on children, although it comes in very useful when they’re playing pirates and they need to look out to sea from their lookout!

The park itself is raised up behind the promenade with slopes up to it from either side. There used to be a toddler playground right next to it which was also dismantled when the park was renovated, but at the moment it is unclear whether this will be replaced.

Some play parks can be a bit of a let down but this one is great, it suits all ages and I find it VERY difficult to persuade my children that it’s time to leave!

2.The Promenade Itself

It’s fairly rare in the Lake District to find any stretch of ground that is flat, so a promenade is a real treat! We’ve put plenty of miles in up and down Grange Promenade on foot, on bikes, on scooters and most recently on roller skates.

The promenade is used by a real mix of people of all different ages, and while it can be a little busy on a weekend on some of the narrower parts, there is plenty of space for everybody.

3. The Skate Park

The skate park has been there for as long as I can remember, and is always popular. It has a mixture of ramps, from gentle slopes to super steep angles, and as my kids have grown older they’ve enjoyed the different challenges. When they were little (and there was no one else using the ramps) they would try to run up the super steep ones to reach the top (and then slide all the way back down). More recently they have used scooters and bikes to fly up and down the ramps, and every time we go there is a new challenge for them to try. We love the skate park!

4. The Cafes

For such a small village and a relatively small promenade (compared to some of the big seaside towns in the UK), Grange over Sands Promenade is well served by cafes. You’ll find two along the prom; one is right next to the play park serving drinks and ice creams, with no official seating but plenty of wall space available for enjoying a break.

The other cafe is further along in the Kents Bank direction (walking from the play park with the sea on your left). It serves basic food along with hot drinks and ice cream. There is seating inside, but when the weather is good they only have seating outside, which is on the edge of the promenade itself. This is a perfect stop for a break and something to eat.

5. The Exercise Equipment

Right next to the second cafe, you’ll find a raised area with a range of exercise equipment on it. I’ll be totally honest; the equipment has definitely seen better days. But it is SO popular, there are always people on it, and my kids (and everyone else’s kids) seem to love it!

There are advised age ranges, and most of it is advised for use for teens and older, but with adult help children can use quite a bit of it. So although you might not be planning on stopping at this part of the prom, be ready to embrace the exercise equipment!

6. Grange Promenade Recreation Park

You’ll find the Grange Promenade Recreation Park as you walk towards the Kents Bank end of the promenade, after the cafe, the exercise area, and the toilets. The Recreation Park includes a crazy golf, a putting green, a tennis court and a basketball court.

The Recreation Park is open from 11:30-5 every day, and you can hire equipment from the ticket hut. You don’t need to book, and it’s never been overly busy when we’ve been/walked past, so you’d usually be able to walk straight in.

Watching the Trains

A branch train line runs right along Grange over Sands promenade. When you’re on the play park and at certain points along the prom it is so close that you can see right in! Obviously this is very exciting when you’re young and you love trains (and as it turns out it’s still pretty cool when you’re 43!) so the train track is an added bonus on a day out.

Also Good to Know

  • Toilets – There are toilets located near to the outdoor exercise equipment, opposite the Lido. Cost is 30p, using contactless only.
  • The Lido – Opposite the toilets you will see a massive boarded off structure, on the sea side of the promenade. This is the Grade II listed Grange Lido, a massively historic part of Grange. It opened in 1932 but closed in 1993, and recently campaigners have been attempting to get it repaired and re-opened as the sea-swimming pool it once was. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with the viewing windows placed along the boards, which give a little glimpse into how amazing it must have been when it was open.
  • Grange over Sands Ornamental Gardens – also known locally as ‘the duck pond!’. You can find the ornamental gardens on the opposite side of the railway track to the promenade, close to the railway station. There is on-road parking right next to it, and if you park here it’s definitely worth a wander around before/after you head to the promenade.

And that’s Grange over Sands Promenade! Get in touch and let me know what you think if you visit, it’s one of our favourites so we hope you love it too.

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